Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My 100th post.

I know I know I haven't blogged in FOREVER... well about 4 months, I noticed I went all semester without posting a blog so i decided I would recap the last 4 months in 1 blog.... here it goes....

A little update on what has happened since Nick came home......Sorry its so long.... prob a record or something... haha

December: Nick came home, I went with his parents to pick him up from the airport :)

December 23, 2009, Nick arrived
This photo was taken at the airport, I know its blurry sorry, I was SHAKING lol

At Nick's house, after we got back from the airport :)

This is us at my house on Christmas :)
(I posted it in my last blog, but since I'm recapping decided it belonged here again)
It was my nephew, Colin's, birthday so Nick and I took him to Disneyland for a day... it was a blast.... :) Nick and I went to the snow for a day with my parents, it was at the old camp I used to go to when I was little. It was a lot of fun. January was also when my best friend, Michelle's birthday was so we went to BJ's to celebrate.
Nicks sister left for Ireland.... we miss her but.... I can't wait to visit!
Isn't this one of the cutest things you have ever seen? I thought it was adorable! Nick and Colin walking into Toon Town at Disneyland!
We all wore hats :)
We went to the mountains with my parents for a day to play in the snow :)
It was Michelle's 22nd bday, we all went to BJ's to celebrate, in the picture is KC and Michelle
Nick's sister, Jessica, moved to Ireland.... Lucky huh? This is her and her mom at her going away party

February: It was Valentine's day, and Nick took me out for a nice dinner. February was also the month of our Winter HS camp at Harvest. Our theme was Fixated. It is always a blessing to go up and encourage hs-ers in the Lord and to be encouraged in my walk as well. Nick and I went to Disneyland for the opening of the Captain E-O tribute with Kendall and Justin, it was raining, that didn't stop us, it made it more fun! We also purchased Catan, probably one of the greatest games ever.

Nick took me out for Valentines Day. We went to TAPS, he had a reservation and totally surprised me :)
This is what Nick brought me before our date on Valentines Day
Nick and I at HS Winter Camp
Myself and some of my good friends going sledding at camp, that was fun :)
This is me and Nick, Ily and Walter, and Michelle and KC. They're our good friends :)
This is Ily and myself with our other friend Michelle :)
My sister Kendall, and her boyfriend Justin when we went to Disneyland in the rain....
Splash Mtn in the rain? why not, we were already prepared!
Nick and I all ready to head out in the rain.
Catan. That should be enough said but, if you havent played it, you need to, its one of Nick and my favorite games... and we own all of the editions :)

March: Sometimes I take my nephew, Colin to school, when I do, the new tradition is to make pancakes :) My photography class was great! I loved it, I really enjoyed taking that class, and... it was just for fun! I didn't have to take it, I wanted to :)
I really enjoy going to air shows. When I was little I would go with my dad a lot. Whenever there is one, I always try to go.... its fun and amazing to me how much the human mind comes up with. Our friends Brittany and Luke Sanders were married this month, it was a beautiful wedding and reception!
I made pancakes, just for fun... and also for my nephew for breakfast, it soon became a tradition, when I take him to school, I make him pancakes for breakfast!
I was taking a photography class... this is a photo someone took of me in class.
Nick and I went to the Riverside Airshow with my dad and sister, Courtney.. I am so fascinated by planes...
Nick and I at our friend Brittany's wedding!

April: The day before Easter..... our best friends KC and Michelle got ENGAGED!!!! woohoo!! It was so exciting.... Michelle asked me to be her maid of honor, I am honored.... ha! no but really I am privileged and so thankful for our friendship, she is such a blessing to me, her and KC are to both Nick and myself. We went to a couple of angel games, one that was in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most people wearing a fleece blanket, aka a snuggie, at the same time for 5 min. It was a lot of fun. When we went to the angel game with Michelle and KC, KC asked Nick to be his best man. So, this is going to be a lot of fun, I am so excited to be apart of it and excited they will finally be married :)
Nick FINALLY went in for surgery for his kidney stones.... good news.... we think they are all gone, we find out tomorrow if it was fully successful. Thank you to everyone who was praying :)
I had to say goodbye to my first car, the saturn..... it didn't pass smog so.... I sold it to the state bc it was a "gross polluter" it sounds a lot worse than it was.... to be honest, I am kinda bitter when I drive by a car who is obviously a gross polluter, if my car, which wasn't that obvious was a polluter, get yours off the road! lol anyway.... so I have a new car....its my sisters old car and I am very thankful for it.
I had a good time dying Easter eggs this year.... The best of Easter part was sunrise service at church, and remembering all that Christ did for us:)
Michelle and I at the Angels game... they won :)
Nick and I, wearing our snuggies....:)
The newly engaged couple, Michelle and KC!
When everyone put their Snuggie on for the world record!
Nick, waiting to go in for surgery.....

Thanks for reading if you made it to the bottom lol.... obviously there was a lot more that went on but this is a short (Ha! I know it was super long) recap.....

I graduate on SATURDAY!!!!! its about 3 days away. I can't believe it, it doesn't seem real at all. I am happy, but I will be starting the credential program on May 11 so to me it doesn't feel like I am done yet. I am excited to move on though. Saturday will be a very fun day, I am excited to graduate with a lot of my friends and also to be one step closer to teaching a class of my own.

Saturday is also Nick's birthday! :) So it should be fun!.....
I think that's all for now.... till' next time (it should be sooner than 4 months, don't worry)