Monday, September 29, 2008

He is good indeed!

The Lord is so good! I am so thankful for the many blessings he has poured out on me.  Not only a beautiful sunrise but also a gorgeous sunset, all in one day. I have seen many pictures on peoples blogs, facebooks, myspace etc. that have also commented on this today...Check out Jillians pic, it is awesome!!!!

Today I woke up on time for class!! (as you could tell since I was awake for the sunrise :D )
Anyway, on my way to class Jillian called me and once I sat down in my seat I got a text from Michelle, both to make sure I woke up for class today :) What a blessing those two are :D Special thanks to the two of them.

One more day of classes then Philadelphia here we come! I know the Lord has great plans for our trip, please keep us in prayer while we are there. You can watch it live on the Harvest Crusade Website for Philly. :) 

To behold the Beauty!

The Sunrise was BEAUTIFUL this morning! I got ready for school and as I walked out this is what I camera on my phone doesn't give this real life view justice. But the sky was gorgeous! As I was driving I could see more of the sky (I would have taken a better pick but, I didn't want to get in an accident) and I was just reminded of how beautiful the Lord's creation truly is. 

Psalm 28:4 says 
"One thing I have desired of the Lord 
That will I seek: 
That I may dwell in the house of the Lord 
All the days of my life, 
To behold the beauty of the Lord
And to inquire in His temple."

If I am awestruck daily by the Lord's creation here on earth, I am excited to see what He is preparing in Heaven.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Sky!

Ok, so her birthday was September 19th...
But today I took her to lunch and out shopping to celebrate. My niece, Skyler, turned 11!!! Thats crazy, I cannot believe how old she is getting....

So we went to Miguel's for lunch and then I bought her, her first pair of rainbows. If you know me, you know I love

Anyway, I also took her to get a my fav place, Red Persimmon. And then we got See's candy :)  Her toes looked so pretty, and looked real cute in her new sandals :D
I love her so much and don't get to see her that often so it was nice to spend some time with her today :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Lesson Well Learned....

Lesson Number 1: Buy an alarm clock that works all the time, not just sometimes....
Lesson Number 2: Thats what friends do......

This morning I missed my first class :( (Hence Lesson number 1.) I was so bummed because I will be missing 3 classes in the next week and a half because of the Philly anyway I was thinking about how these types of things happen and how it is nice to have friends who will help you out. Bringing me to Lesson Number 2, Thats what friends do.....

.....A couple of weeks ago a fellow classmate of mine missed a class and sent out an email to all of the students in our class asking if anyone could please send her their notes that she missed. Immediately when I got that email I blew it off....thinking, just show up for class...but after today I realized that things happen, and although I do not know the person, I should have helped them out.(so...whoever you are, if you are reading this, I'm sorry) Because, thats the right thing to do. SO...although this morning was frustrating for me, it was also a blessing because the Lord reminded me how thankful I should be for my friends.....My friends are awesome! They pray for me, let me copy their notes when I miss a class, Help me out with stuff I don't understand, Wake me up if I oversleep, and are always there for me...After all thats what friends do!
So...a special thanks goes out to all of my friends, I truly am blessed!

I'm going to Philly!

SO..... on October 1st I will be going to Philadelphia with the SWAT team from Harvest. Please keep us in prayer, I know the Lord has great plans for this trip and I am super excited to see them unfold :)

Jillian will be Proud.

So...I finally got a blog. (Be proud Jillian.) :D