Sunday, May 16, 2010

Birthdays and golf.

Since my graduation was on Nick's birthday we decided to celebrate a week later. So we had some friends over for game night. It was a blast :)

We had chili dogs and Nachos! don't worry you health nuts, there was fruit and veggies there too ;)

I made this birthday cake for Nick for his birthday game night :) It includes white cake, vanilla frosting, almond joy pieces, and white chocolate covered pretzels..... all his favorites :)

My sister, Kendall, her birthday is coming up so this weekend we had a BBQ for her with our immediately family.

This was her birthday present! What a cool bike huh? don't worry you safety guards, my dad's getting her a helmet ;)

Today Nick and I went golfing with his parents... well, they went golfing, i joined them and enjoyed the outdoors, it was so nice!

We had a blast out there :)


Liz! said...

three things:

1. that's a pretty cool cake you made for nick!
2. i don't have a helmet...uhoh!
3. you look cute on a golf cart! haha!

Allison said...

1. thanks :)
2. haha my dad said i will only allow her to ride it if i can buy her a helmet. lol, so... u better get one soon, according to him.... "when you go riding all the people will yell at u on the bike path to "get a helmet!" if you aren't wearing one... lol
3. thanks?? lol

David D. said...

I like how your blog updates always have tons of pictures

Allison said...

yea, ive decided my blog is prob more of a pic blog.... and... i just LOVE pics.... and when my blog looks sooo long and too long to read, its not so bad bc the pics take up most of the space, lol

Anonymous said...

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