Friday, October 24, 2008

I went to Philly.....and NY!

So.... I haven't really posted anything in a while. I don't think I have since I went to Philly....

Philadelphia was awesome! The Lord did great things there. It was a blessing to be able to go. We also went to DC for a couple of days when we were out there which was cool because I had never been there before. 

SO..... we got back from Philly and I had been back to work, actually not very excited to be back to work. I was lacking motivation, I just wasn't ready to be back...anyway....

We had been back for about 4 days when I found out there was another spot to go on the NY trip which was 4 days away. The funny thing is that I had already felt the Lord was calling me to go but brushed it off like nothing because to me, there was no way I could miss another week of school and get another week off of work. Well, I kinda brushed it off but was praying that the Lord's will would be done. So.....
The very next day I got a phone call asking if I was available to go to New York, again I said I don't think so but I will see what I can do and call you back. So... I was thinking, "man Lord this is crazy! Are you serious?!?"
So...I prayed about it and talked to a few people about it and it was evident it was the Lord. Who am I to doubt what the Lord can do right? SO....I made a phone call and said well I dont know if I can get the money together or get work and school off but I will let you know in a few minutes what the final decision is. So....within 10 min...the money came through :D
And I sent an email to all of my teachers and called my mgr. I was going to have to let them know by 9 AM the next day if I would for sure be able to go so they could change the plane ticket to my name.
Throughout the night, emails came in and ALL of my teachers were willing to work with me, which was amazing because it was the week of midterms and I just missed a week prior. I also talked to my mgr who said "we will work it out, we can get your shifts covered" So the next day I got my shifts covered all but 1. It wasnt until the night before I left that the last shift got covered, but, needless to say. The Lord is Good!!!!! How in the world did I get the money to go, my shifts covered and more time off of school? only through God. This was a great reminder to me of the Lord's faithfulness.

If you're struggling with doubting what the Lord can do, trust Him! He will pull through! I went to NY!
It was a blast, it was my second time and I loved it!
The best part was that the Lord was glorified and all the glory goes to Him.

Anyway.... so thats an update :)
O...and....I'm going sailing tomorrow with Nick and his fam :D
I'm so excited :)
It was so cool because I had to work so we were going to get back in time, but I was kinda nervous because it would be cutting it close so...I asked one of my co-workers if they would cover for me (which I was SUPER hesitant to do since they just covered a bunch of shifts for me while I was in Philly and NY) but they are. So...if any of my co-workers read this, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I really appreciate you guys :)

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aprilmclean said...

Praise the Lord! That was such a blessing to read, Al! Seeing the Lord's faithfulness in your life is very encouraging. :)