Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Red Bull Air Races, San Diego, Mothers Day, Beach Day....best 4 day weekend in a long time. :)

So this weekend was quite the adventure....
Friday after I got off work at 10am Nick and I headed down to San Diego to go sailing with his parents and stay on the boat for the weekend. The plan was we would go to the beach and then when they got to the boat we would meet them there.... So we did walk around the beach a little then...decided to drive down the coast so instead of taking the freeway straight to the boat we drove along the coast, it was so nice, super pretty!!! We stopped at Seal Beach in La Jolla where the seals lay all over this protected beach its so cool, and its pup season so there were cute little baby seals all over :)
Anyway.... we went out to dinner with his parents at a yummmy restaurant and then hung out and Saturday went out for the Red Bull Air Races. So we took the boat and anchored at a spot to watch these planes race around above the water. It was sooooo cool, so much fun and we were right by the huge Navy ships and there were helicopters and jets flying overhead. Anyway so that was cool then we went back to dock and bbq'd on the boat. Later we played cards with his mom too. Sunday we had breakfast with his mom for Mothers day and then headed back to good 'ol Riverside for a BBQ with my family. Monday came along and we went to Corona Del Mar. It was fun....perfect Beach day...we both did get a little burnt, well he didnt get a little burnt, he is burnt lol. Anyway...so then.... we decided to go to Laguna Beach for dinner at BJs where you can see the ocean out the window. We are still celebrating his birthday so we got his birthday Pazookie  and then we walked around the shops....
WAIT....PAUSE....this all sounds kinda boring...but it wasn't guess its one of those you had to be there things.... but..... overall it was very relaxing, nice to get out of the every day norm and enjoy God's creation. It was also nice to hang out with his parents more. :)
above are a few pictures from this weekend but you can view more on my facebook or myspace for those of my facebook/myspace friends out there...lol

Anyway....it was a GREAT 4 days....now back to work...lol 

P.S. I have decided I will make it a goal to go to the beach 1 day a week during my summer break. The past couple of years I have not gone much, Nick said its been the same for him so...Nick told me he is up for the challenge  :) yay for summer beach days

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Liz! said...

"WAIT....PAUSE...." one day a week?!?! that is INTENSE!

let's have a bonfire!

btw, i didn't think that was boring at all! =]