Monday, June 29, 2009

Just Beachy.

Its been more than a month since I posted a blog so I figured hey, why not...
So.......Summer has been Beachy indeed! :)
For those of you who have read my previous blogs, I decided to make it a goal to go to the beach once a week this summer.....Not happening, but I have gone more than I have the past 2 years combined which makes me very happy because I LOVE the beach and rarely go, well usually.....So....since my last blog I have gone to the beach 3 times... Trip number 1 Nick and I decided to take my nephew Colin to the Beach before my niece and nephew got out of school for the summer(the bottom 8 pictures are from that trip) This trip consisted of burying Colin sand fights between Nick and Colin, sand castle creations, water extravaganza...and of course a nice sleeping 5 year old on the way home :)
Trip number 2 Nick suggested we take all 3 of them to the beach, brave, I know. (the top 3 pictures are from this trip)
This trip was a little more hectic I woke all of them up and had a little more to do because you are adding 2 more people to the planning...anyway...We got down there and yet again, more burying, sand castle creating and water fun. Nick helped Dylan learn how to boogie board a little better. Colin is a little more afraid of the water at this point in time so in the picture you will see him sitting on the board right where the waves nicely brush across your feet :)
This trip ended similar to the last but this time it ended with a 5, 8 and 11 year old asleep in the back seat :)
Anyway...the most recent trip was yesterday, I went with Nicks mom and sister to the beach (no pictures for this one...)
It was a lot of fun and this time I was able to go in the water more because I wasn't looking out for kids running around.. but the only draw back is every time we have gone to the beach this summer which is 4 or 5 times now I think... there has been so much sea weed, it REALLY grosses me out...but nevertheless I have been having a blast soaking in the sun :)

P.S. I am excited for this weekend.


Jacob said...

Haha the first picture is really funny

David D. said...

Thats cool. Gotta get more of that sun on Nick's body! lol

RJ McCauley said...

Allison, I am glad you are going to the beach more than last year to fulfill your new years resolution lol. Last year Melissa rarely went to the beach. Now that she is healthy, we have been several times! Hopefully this July, we will be going more.