Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A thought- POISON

Last night as I was attempting to go to sleep the Lord kept putting different thoughts through my mind...One of them I will share....
It is kind of convicting so beware:
Let me preface it with this, I was convicted only because no I don't watch CRAZY things or listen to music with crazy language but it was just something the Lord put on my heart.

We fill our minds, our perceptions...we just view so many unholy things, and allow ourselves to look upon or hear things that really are poison to us as believers. 

When you are watching something or hearing something that as a believer you should not introduce yourself to, or put in front of you, its like feeding yourself a little bit of poison. 

These can be simple things such as tv shows, movies, songs, the words you allow people to use around you, jokes you hear etc. 

Those things that seep a little poison into your mind are those things which hinder your walk with the Lord; they are like little doses of poison that you are feeding yourself. How much poison do you allow into your mind every day?!? 

Something to think about.


aprilmclean said...

Amen, Allison! The Lord showed me that same thing yesterday! (Not the whole poison analogy, but the same basic concept) Praise Him!

K.C. said...

that's why we are to do what philippians 4:8 says! It is so true. Good thoughts!

ps. the word verification that i had to type in to post this was "buggin." Is this a sign? =( lol

RJ McCauley said...

Don't forget Colossians 3:1-4! "Set your minds on things above." Too many believers only do this when they are at church, or when they have committed sin, which are two places they are forced to look to God and His kingdom (worshiping God, and repentance to God). We are to constantly be thinking about our Lord and Heaven. It is truly our hope for the day. Our minds should be focused on Jesus Christ and His kingdom, not on the 'poisoned', foolish, and empty things in the world.