Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Change. stamps. and diet.

I HATE change, I do not adapt to it very well at all. A lot of things will be changing the next few weeks and even months and I do not feel ready. I know the Lord will prepare me and that He has a plan but as of now I am not ready for change. 
I know I said I HATE change but I am actually uneasy about change though, it is bittersweet, I am thankful for it because it keeps me from getting comfortable and forces me to trust the Lord but I do not like it because I really struggle with trusting people. It is something that I have always struggled with and the Lord continues to show me how to trust Him. Sometimes I think the reason so many things occur that force me to trust Him is because He knows I have a problem with trust in general. Anyway..... be praying for me...5 weeks from yesterday Nick will be leaving for bootcamp, and its gonna be tough. 

So in light of "getting ready"
I bought stamps...I figure I better stock up now, so I bought some and will probably be buying A LOT more in the next few months.... 
I was thinking I should get some stamps and other misc things I will need for the many letters I will be sending Nick. 

So....Nick is on a diet, bc he will be leaving soon and is getting ready... so I am being supportive of course... Here we are....

I know I know, I am eating ice cream, but he is eating an Apple! Yea!
No but really we are watching what we eat, we were doing so good for a while and then kind of slacked off but are getting back on track, I don't mind, I LOVE vegetables and eating healthy, it makes me feel better every day, I don't feel gross from eating unhealthy food, and it even got to the point that when i eat at certain places now it makes me feel sick because my body is not used to it anymore.... But also means I get to cook! Yes! I Love cooking, seriously.... anyway, thats a quick update.... enjoying my last 5 weeks with Nick before he leaves. :)


simplyshiree said...

i will be praying for you and him :)

RJ McCauley said...

THAT IS AWESOME ALLISON! Eating healthy is the way to go. That is so cool that your going to send him letters. That is rad.