Sunday, June 6, 2010

Coupon Craze!

Lately it seems as though I am addicted to coupons. I have always heard the idea of creating a separate email account for coupons. But never did it... well it all started when my sisters boyfriend, Justin sent me multiple emails on how to order an Entertainment Book. Because it is so late in the year, they're on sale pretty cheap on the website. There are some great deals in there....and I have been using a lot of the coupons already. Then I was at the gym a few weeks ago and....the news was on the tv in front of me, they began talking about coupons and how you should create a separate account for coupons, so.... I FINALLY did... about a week ago, maybe two weeks I went on, created a separate email and then began going on sites and registering for their e-accounts or e-deals. I have already received so many coupons. Its been GREAT! And.... my birthday is coming up and if you don't know, most places will send you coupons for free stuff for your birthday. So.... that means soon I will be receiving more for that too!
I also was just recently told about a website.....
It is similar to going on and adding your email to the different sites but they do it for a bunch of them for you. Anyway.... check it out. There are also the reg coupons that come in the mail and in Sunday papers too... and if you have any other ideas let me know. I don't even mind carrying the coupons with me when I go out. Nick explained it quite well last night, its like a game to me, where I can get coupons and use them. haha.... because I love games and this is just another challenge. Anyway... hope my excitement gets you going on this coupon craze as well.... :)

P.S. If you want to get an entertainment book... right now when you reserve your 2011 one... they will send you a 2010 one for FREE.... click here for more details.


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KittyBrooks said...

That was great advice; I've had a separate email for work, entertainment and coupons. Also try living and

Anonymous said...

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Chelsea said...

I love couponing! The girls at my work are so good at it. Have you seen that new tv show on TLC called Extreme Couponing? It is so much fun to watch those people save money, but I don't know about dumpster diving for coupons!

tracerscouponaffair said...

ive been couponing for 10 years now and it sure is great! I love your blog very inspirational.

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Giagerry said...

Just stumbled on ur blog for the first time and the name of the blog and the bio in the profile ""You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You." Isaiah 26:3" caused mne to sto and read. Love it!
About coupons, I havent still got around them yet, I mite just be too lazy but now Id sure look into it. Happy bday in advance

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A Joyful Noise said...

Hey, please get back in the flow. I enjoyed your article on entertainment books. When we lived in the SF Bay area, we enjoyed the books very much. since we have moved, there is nothing within a short enough distance to make it worth while.
We do use coupons and often has some good buys 2 for 1.

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