Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Rusty Pelican. The Griffith Observatory.

A few weeks ago Nick took me to The Rusty Pelican for dinner, it is down by the beach. It was so nice :) and very delicious!

Yesterday, Michelle, KC, Nick, and I went down to LA to go to the Griffith Observatory. We went to eat at Andres, a spaghetti place on the way, it was gooood! and then we headed over to the observatory, It was pretty cool.... I LOVE the stars, they're just something that have always amazed me and I love being outside at night just looking up at the stars... The Lord and his creation just amazes me. I really want to drive to the middle of the desert sometime so I can just look up and see the stars so clear.... anyway, we went and it was cool to look at stuff about the sky and space, you can even see how much you weigh on each planet! Anyway... if you have the chance to go, you should! :)


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