Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ramona HS Free Smoothie day

Today was my Free Smoothie Day event with Ramona HS. From 3-5 anyone with a valid Ramona HS ID could come to my work and get a free 16 ounce classic smoothie. It turned out very well. I even had the banana suit on (well my mgr made me put it on lol) and I invited their mascot and decorated the store with balloons and wrote on the door with window markers. It was super busy at one point we had a line out the door to Popeye's. I passed out info on fundraisers and also let them know of our myspace site. (just in case you are curious it is
Anyway about 375 students came. This was my second free day event, my other one was with La Sierra Academy. 

I have been put in charge of fundraising and getting to know our community so if anyone is interested in fundraising for anything, let me know :)

P.S. the pic of me in the banana suit was taken by Kendall, her and Justin were driving by and saw me and stopped and Justin was yelling "Free hugs from the banana" it was so embarrassing


aprilmclean said...

Hahaha Justin is funny. lol That is a BIG turn out! CRAZY! I still think I should have been able to use my old id card.. ;)

Jillian said...

hahaha free hugs from the banana. i like that.

Jacob said...

Haha, man that banana suit is so cool