Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Adventures at Disneyland

So last Saturday Nick and I and Kendall and Justin went to Disneyland together. It was a lot of fun. We went on many rides and had a blast. Picture 1: Nick and I got matching shoes last week, they were on sale so, hey, why not lol :) but we wore them to Disneyland. They are actually really comfortable. 
One of the funniest things that happened was when we went on the Monorail. In the second picture you will see Nick, yes he is in the drivers seat. So when we were getting on, we asked if we could sit up in the front with the driver, so when we got on the driver was not in there so Nick sat on the seat and I took a pic. When the driver sat down Nick asked if the chair was comfortable and she said "yes, very". Nick responded with "I bet" it was so funny because Kendall and Justin and I all knew he was sitting there about 2 min prior.  But anyway then he asked if he could honk the horn so when we arrived to the Disneyland station she allowed him to, he honked it twice as she had before but his second one was a little longer, I am sure he would have held it down much longer if Justin hadn't moved his hand. But it was so funny, and now Nick can say that he honked the horn and sat in the driver seat of the Monorail at Disneyland. 
The third picture is Nick at the Sword in the Stone, right before he took it out of the rock ;)
Anyway, it was a really fun day, and it was nice to spend time with Kendall and Justin. We love hanging out with them, they are so funny.

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aprilmclean said...

haha that's so funny! You guys are too cute with your matching shoes!! ;)