Friday, January 30, 2009

Art, sunsets and randomness...

Above is a picture I took one day on my way home, the sunset looked beautiful!
(Above)This is a picture that Nick sent me one day when I was at work, I was having kind of a hard night and he didn't even know it but, when I got this it blessed me so much :) And Below is Nick :D before his new haircut...
So this is my art project that I left everyone in suspense over. The first is just the sailboat drawn out and the next is the final project.
You will be happy to know I got an A on my other two (the shoes, and purse drawing and also the dashboard drawing :) )

But just wait, my next is way harder and I am already not too impressed with the outcome... :/
This is my name in Greek, Partner (aka Daniel) wrote it for me. :)

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aprilmclean said...

I love the sailboat!! Good job, Al!!