Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So this semester I am taking an art class... I was actually pretty nervous about it bc well...im not an artist. Today we had to draw our shoe, a side view and view from above. I was wearing the shoes that Nick and I both have (aka the matching ones) and so this is what I came up with. I know its not good but...im kinda proud bc I expected much worse. And, we couldnt erase so this is what it is like without erasing or anything...anyway...expect more pics.. We also had to draw our backpack or purse. So I may post a pic of that one soon. 
I'm kinda nervous though bc on Thursday I have to turn in a drawing of the dashboard of my car so...it looks like tomorrow I will be spending quality time in my car. So if you drive by and see me sitting in my car, thats why lol


Liz! said...

wow! good job! it looks pretty good! =]

tip about the dashboard one (cuz i had to do that project before), instead of sitting in your car and drawing it, take a picture and print it out. it's a lot easier to redraw something when copying from a flat image than trying to draw the actual thing. =]

Anonymous said...

yeah you're pretty good at that unlike me. pretty soon i'll be showin' you all my work from ceramics!

whoa liz is so smart. good thing you've got a friend like her to give you artistic advice ;)

Anonymous said...

yeah! And then - post the pic of your dashboard and your drawing on your blog! I bet you're secretly an artist.. :)

Actually, when you showed me that pic in class today and said "this is my shoe," I honestly thought you had taken a pic of your shoe in some weird setting that made only the lines appear... hahaha.. then you started talking about your art class, and I got it. :)

David D. said...

You cooouuulllddd say its a picture of how the shoe will look in the future ;)

jk it looks nice